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Year 3

In Year 3, we are diving into the fascinating world of plants! Last week, we started our plant topic by dissecting parts of a flower. The petals were colourful and delicate and we started learning the parts of a flower and their function. We observed closely and learnt how each part plays a vital role in a flower's life cycle. The classroom was buzzing with excitement as we explored the inner workings of these beautiful plants. Stay tuned for more plant adventures ahead!

Year 3 have had another exciting term! 


The children have been making African Masks in Art and learning how they are made (real animal teeth and hair) wood and metals and the vibrant colours that are used.

In Geography we have been learning about Kenya and even had an enrichment day and learnt how to do Kenyan dancing and singing, whilst also understanding about deforestation and the impact it can have on animals and how they become endangered. We even sent letter to the construction company express our concerns.

In English we have recently learnt to write a winter poem, we chose acrostic poem. Also we have been writing diary entries making sure we write in first person and in past tense.

In Science we have had fun conducting experiments with magnets and even making our own experiments to test the strongest magnets. We were all shocked that magnets attract underwater! Did you know that? We also learnt if you put south and south together it repels but if you put north and south together it attracts.




In Year 3 we have been continuing to look at the Tower of London and it’s history, learning about the many towers within and the guards that look after, not only the premises, but the ravens too.  We also had great fun making different things to eat in DT.



As part of our design and technology unit 'Eating Sensationally', Year 3 researched fruit and vegetables across the world and looked at the climate and how it affects food. We even examined the importance of eating seasonally, as it reduces negative effects on the environment and also supports local farmers. Year 3 also made fruit kebabs considering where the different fruits were imported from.   

Fruit Kebabs

Year 3 had a great time during their Egyptians day.  They made headdresses, arm bracelets and necklaces to become an Egyptian.  During the rest of the day, they made paper, which they are now looking forward to writing on, when dry, using hieroglyphics to write their own name, as well they painted a desert night scene with the silhouette of the pyramids and camels.  Lastly, they made a Pharoah's tomb with a sarcophagus, canopic jars and hieroglyphics on the walls.

Year 3 have now completed their cushions and were all so proud to take them home.  It was lovely to hear either, who they were going to give the cushion to or how they were going to use it.  We are now looking at drawing landscapes while using cross hatching to add shading.   During our history topic we have looked at the Egyptian Gods and how the Egyptians placed great importance on the afterlife as they mummified Pharaohs. To gain an idea of the mummification process we role played each section finishing with mummifying the head and neck of a willing child.  Then we mummified a tomato, by removing the seeds and juice, mixing bicarbonate of soda and salt together, then stuffing the tomato and finally fully emerging it within the salt mixture.  We will be checking on these each week.  Within science we had a great day where we were fully emersed within different science experiments across the school.  It was great fun to visit other classrooms.  Within Year 3 we looked at the magnetic force around a magnet and used iron filings.

Year 3 have worked hard on their cushions with applique scenes on the front and cross stitching on the back.  They are now in the last stages of sewing the two pieces of material together before they add stuffing.  Watch this space for the finished products.  They have all shown great resilience while threading a needle and helping each other.


During Science they have continued to look at different types of leaves, completed an experiment using celery and placed it in coloured water.  The children looked at how water travels up the stem to feed the plant.  They have planted sunflowers which have grown and hopefully after half term they will see the flower develop.  Over the last few weeks, they have observed the growth and germination process of the seed.


Within geography, they have looked at the changes of land use and this week have designed future plans for Aveley. A hospital, larger supermarket and various entertainment venues were drawn on their maps.

Year 3 have been looking at the sections within the flower of a tulip and have planted sunflower seeds.  They will be keeping a diary each week to record their observations.  They were really excited this week as they have begun to grow.  During DT, they have been practicing running and cross stitch while attaching one piece of material to another.  This week they will be designing their cushion ready to begin sewing next week. 

Please find a copy of the parent information session notes from September 2022 below

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Year 3 Remote Learning Timetable 2021/22